Controlled Atmosphere

Innovative: Disinfestation as Part of Your Logistics Concept

LOG-IN Disinfestation Concept: Environmentally Friendly and Unique.

We operate a controlled atmosphere (CA) system for the natural disinfestation of foodstuffs and semi-luxury foods. The facility’s holding capacity (up to 40 containers) means it is unique kind in Germany. As well as this we provide the option of deep-freezing your goods in special refrigerated trailers (to –300C). Don’t delay - take advantage of this convenience!

LOG-IN - Unique for You.

Controlled Atmosphere Storage

The Natural Way: Controlled Atmosphere Disinfestation

The infestation of consumables and semi-luxury foods by pest insects disrupts a smooth process flow. LOG-IN is one of the few logistics service providers with its own disinfestation facility. We will handle your goods quickly and without complications.The controlled-atmosphere technology used by us works on a natural basis, without the use of chemical solvents. First the disinfestation room is heated, then the oxygen is removed before finally being replaced by pure nitrogen (as per Coresta guidelines). This means that the commodities remain free of chemical solvent residues.

This modern technology, which today is commonly used for the disinfestation of foodstuffs and semi-luxury foods right up to works of art, is not just safer but also more environmentally friendly than classic fumigation methods.Treatment in a CA facility is an extremely effective yet gentle method of tackling pests. We have over 10 years’ experience in the disinfestation of consumables.

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