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Neuenmarkt Logistics Centre: The XXL Concept.

Lots of space for big ideas – the LOG-IN logistics centre in Neuenmarkt meets the most up-to-date requirements and provides the appropriate storage concept for nearly every type of goods.Be it raw products for the food industry, sensitive high tech components or generally valuable goods – we are set up to deal with every requirement. The LOG-IN logistics facilities in Bavaria are always up-to-date with the latest technology.Trained employees and modern storage systems give you the security to be able to plan cost-efficiently and react without delay.

LOG-IN – We Do It for You.

LOG-IN Storage Management in Figures:

  • 300,000 m2 overall space at the Neuenmarkt facility
  • of which 40.000 m2 is converted storage space
  • High-rack storage, high-bay racking and block storage
  • High-rack storage with space for 25,000 pallets on up to 6 levels
  • 15,000 block spaces
  • 16,500 m2 raw goods storage with a capacity of approx. 15,000 t
  • Management of external warehouses
  • 200 secure and video-monitored parking spaces for trucks / trailers1,500 m2 area for processing returns
  • Automatic Cargomatic systems (loading and unloading of a trailer in 3.5 minutes)

LOG-IN: Security Logistics with Expertise.

The more valuable the goods, the more comprehensive the logistics services. LOG-IN provides everything under one roof, with exactly the security concept that you require. No matter if it concerns valuable commodities, high-tech goods or high value goods. Our security concept caters exactly to your demands.

Our references speak for themselves. We’d be happy to tell you more about the security measures that we can offer you in a one-to-one chat. No request is too big.

LOG-IN – Security Guaranteed.

Logistikzentrum Neuenmarkt Hochsicherheitsgelände Logistikpark
Neuenmarkt facility: the LOG-IN company premises

Foodstuffs and Semi-Luxury Foods: A LOG-IN Speciality.

At its Neuenmarkt base, LOG-IN offers an ultra-modern disinfestation facility: this allows us to decontaminate your commodities using natural processes. Especially designed for consumables and semi-luxury goods, we recommend gentle disinfestation with our state-of-the-art controlled atmosphere system. Take advantage of this new service.

LOG-IN – Logistics with Added Value.

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